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Grants Assist came to life in 2018, intending to create awareness to the people of Australia on the different types of grants available from the government and how they can access them. The government sets money aside every financial year to assist businesses. Still, this money is not utilized due to a lack of information and knowledge on how to write grant proposals. The company makes the process of accessing these grants easier through its database and consultation services.

Various Types of Grants

1. Non-Profit Grants

Non-Profit Grants are provided to Non-profit Organizations. Private institutions that provide care and services to the people are eligible for this category of grants. These institutions may include Sports clubs, Hospitals, and Environmental clubs. This grant helps the non-profit institutions to continue with their services to the population.

2. Business Grants

Business Grants are given to the already existing businesses. This type of Grant is meant to help the companies to meet their needs as expected by the government. Corporations are vital as they assist in creating employment and the general development in the country. Grants Assist helps firms with information and advice about the grants suitable for them and takes them through applying for the assistance.

3. Start-up Grants

Startup grants are given to fund the implementation of viable business ideas in various industries. Under this category of grants, there is a provision for the companies that provide mentorship and business incubation services to the startups.

4. Industry-Specific Grants

Industry-Specific grants are given to businesses within a specific industry. Grants Assist comes up with information used to identify which industries are given priority for such assistance. Tourism, Hospitality, and Technology are among the sectors that benefit from this type of grant.

Apart from providing the data on the grants available, Grants Assist offers grant proposal writing services and takes the clients through the application services. Through the companies’ experts, the applicants are assisted in crafting an appealing introduction and advised on the relevant documents to be attached. The government aims at ensuring that the population benefits from the various grants, including those who wish to upskill to remain suitable at work.